For private lessons, contact: "Torshov Jazzakademi", Sandakerveien 29g, Oslo

The lessons may include:

  • Improvisation, scales & creating melodies, horizontal vs vertical improvisation, "call and response", phrasing,

    "storytelling" etc.

  • Harmony; Functional harmony: voice leading, movement, diminished scale harmony, melodic/harmonic minor theory, upper structures, parallel and diatonic movement etc.

  • Line construction "Bach and the Numbers", motif & sequencing, "outside playing", polytonaity, chromatic approach/surrounding notes, etc.

  • Rhythm, swing-feel, subdivision, phrasing and beat, polyrhythms, polymetrics/groupings, displacement, etc.

  • Piano and ́classical techniques ́: "The wrist"; level and surfacing, rotation, position, support, "motion/choreography", grouping & phrasing, "The golden sound"; fullness of sound, ́weighting ́ of notes etc.

  • Listening/transcribing; "the correct way"transposing, "copy and steal", "Michael Brecker method"

Pricing: 600 NOK / 60 minutes

If you are interested in finding out more about having lessons with Norvald click here to get in touch.

You can also read about the Torshov Jazzakademi here: